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Our aim with this movement is to create impact to as many people as possible in Indonesia through a large series of coaching activities delivered in 1-on-1 and group sessions.

This collaborative work involves hundreds of coaches from Coaching Indonesia Academy and invites others from public to give their contribution in any shapes or forms.

Our objectives

We want to bring coaching into public domain at large. We believe coaching can help people become aware of who they are and what they are capable of, which in turn make their lives different.

Who will be the target?

We will divide our coaching target into a number of segments, which include students, teachers, employees, entrepreneurs (SME, start up), and many others.

An annual research will be conducted to measure the impact of coaching on people. We will use a mobile platform to record data and generate report from any single person we coach.

Joining Impact Movement

If you are a coach from Coaching Indonesia Academy please stay up to date with our programs. Check out your email, our Facebook and post any ideas in our group.

We also invite any individuals from public to make their contributions in any shape or form. Please fill out this form so we can contact you immediately.

What We Have Done So Far?

Student Coaching at Institut Teknologi Bandung
Student Coaching at Universitas Indonesia
Coaching for Youth Community
Coaching for Community of Teachers
and More to come…

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