Executive Coaching


Executive leader, high potential individual.

60-90 minutes per session

Every 2-3 weeks

English or Bahasa Indonesia

3-6 months


  • 1-on-1 session
  • Face-to-face
  • Via phone (optional)

At client’s office

More Info:
Please email: corporate@coachingindonesia.com
or phone: 021-7694728

Executive coaching emphasizes partnership between the executive and the coach to lead them toward fulfillment of specific professional goals. It is conducted on 1-on-1 session to bring more depth and focus on particular challenges.

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Program Overview

Executive coaching is a targeted and customised program designed to help facilitate leadership development and self transformation of executives.

The results will include increased self-awareness, improved performance, and better capacities in leading others.

The coach helps you unleash a leader’s hidden potential and bring about changes from within.


3-6 months. Session every 2-3 weeks.


Through continuous sessions you will receive benefits of:

  • Having a partner that supports you when dealing with complex people issues.
  • Exploring into yourself to discover new and empowering ideas for change.
  • Bringing about your hidden potentials through self reflection.
  • Developing action plans for improvement.
  • Developing new skills and abilities in leading self, leading others, and leading organization.
  • Achieving a balance between work and life.
  • Helping others transform by becoming a role model of change.

Areas of Coaching

  • Leadership development
  • Developing team and talents
  • Cross-cultural integration
  • Strategic thinking
  • Self and people awareness
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Self motivation
  • Life-work balance
  • Spiritual and emotional intelligence

Our Executive Coaches

  • Al Falaq Arsendatama, PCC
  • Naindra Pramudita, ACC
  • Laurencia Lina, ACC
  • Prasasti Utomo, ACC
  • Mutia P Soerahardjo, ACC
  • JA Gianto, ACC
  • Arief Hidayat, ACC

“This coaching provides me opportunities to re-evaluate myself, especially my leadership style. I am being supported in solving people issues and facilitate their transition particularly during change process in our organization.” (Sales Director of Manufacturing Company)
“Coming as an expat is always challenging at first time. Understanding culture and people are some of the challenges among other things. This coaching helps me to deal with many aspects related to people, which speeds up the integration process as well as things like leading and managing the team.” (Division Head of Pharmaceutical Company)
“Saya rasa coaching diperlukan oleh siapa saja yang ada di level leader. Bukan karena ada masalah tetapi untuk pengembangan dan penajaman leadership. Coaching membuat semuanya menjadi terstruktur dan efektif untuk dijalankan.” (BOD of a Financing Company)

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