Team & Group Coaching


Management team, high potential, or group of people working on a project.

Max 2.5 hours per session

Every 2-3 weeks

English or Bahasa Indonesia

3-6 months


  • Group session
  • Face-to-face

At client’s office

More Info:
Please email:
or phone: 021-7694728

Team coaching provides groups and teams, typically leaders, the opportunity to maximise their potentials beyond their current abilities using a results-oriented process that is based upon team unity, shared experience, and interpersonal awareness.

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Program Overview

Unlike executive coaching, team coaching is conducted on a group session. It is focused on bringing about strengths and potential from every member of the group as well as developing new competencies to help them achieve organizational goals.

This program helps the company to create alignment between the organisation and the team on the level of values, goals and action.

Our coaches use individual and team assessment to identify the present state, desired outcome, and any gaps in knowledge and skills. Then we will work together in a manner that builds shared commitment toward achieving the goals.


3-6 months. Session every 2-3 weeks.


Through continuous sessions you will receive benefits of:

  • Have a strategic partner (coach) who facilitate the team to work together and overcome any challenges.
  • Develop strong bonding between individuals and provide support as a team.
  • Bring about hidden potentials and strengths into real application.
  • Develop new skills set that are useful to help them achieve organisational goals.
  • Develop action plans for improvement.
  • Increased productivity as a result of collaboration and understanding between leaders in the group.

Areas of Coaching

Depending on the group needs, this coaching program can be designed to target areas such as:

  • Performance improvement
  • Leadership development
  • Enhanced employee relationship
  • Teamwork and synergy
  • Project accomplishment
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Motivation in the workplace

Our Coaches

  • Al Falaq Arsendatama, PCC
  • Naindra Pramudita, ACC
  • Laurencia Lina, ACC
  • Prasasti Utomo, ACC
  • Mutia Prihatini, ACC

“The challenge in the beginning is to convince people that coaching is needed. Why can’t we do it ourselves? But once everyone is on-board we start to speed up our project delivery and team communication is also improved. Coaching helps us integrate parts that we tend to overlook. It’s been a great experience.” (Project Manager of Construction Company)
“Leadership coaching dari Coaching Indonesia membantu saya belajar banyak tentang pemahaman orang dan bagaimana menjadi leader yang baik. Saya bertekad untuk melanjutkan hasilnya kedalam praktek kerja saya sehari-hari.” (Accounting Manager Perusahaan Minyak)

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