Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching Services

Coaching Indonesia provides services on Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Development Program and Sales Coaching.

  • Executive Coaching

    A targeted and customised program designed to help facilitate leadership development and self-transformation of executives.

  • Team & Group Coaching

    Team coaching provides groups and teams, typically leaders, the opportunity to maximize their potentials beyond their current abilities.

  • Leadership Development Program

    Leadership development refers to any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.

  • Sales Performance Coaching

    Unleash your sales potential. Plain and simple, that’s what sales coaching is all about. For yourself as an individual and for your company as whole.


Coaching Certification Programs

We are the first company in Indonesia who has been approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation) to conduct coaching certification programs.

  • Professional Coach Certification Program

    Become a Certified Coach with 30 credit hours of the ICF. Apply your skills for personal and professional purposes.

  • Executive Coach Certification Program

    Get a hands-on experience as Executive and Corporate Coach with 35 credit hours of the ICF. Graduates are ready to practice in the corporate world.

  • Roadmap to ACC

    Mentoring program for those who wish to continue their coaching education to become ACC (Associate Certified Coach) of ICF.

  • Testimonials from Our Graduates

    100 percents of our graduates receive experiential transformation and joyful learning along with hands-on interaction with coach facilitators.


Menjadi Entrepreneurship Coach Bersertifikasi

Meningkatnya jumlah wirausahawan di Indonesia menciptakan kebutuhan pendampingan bisnis yang berkelanjutan. Program sertifikasi ini ditujukan untuk melahirkan entrepreneurship coach yang memiliki kompetensi standar internasional.


Personal Coaching Programs

Program Personal Coaching membantu Anda menemukan kejelasan, memecahkan akar masalah dan mengambil keputusan strategis yang berkaitan dengan tujuan hidup, karir, dan parenting.